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See our Amazing Countertop Makeovers!


Our "Vertical Overlay" wall system is in a league of it's own !

 We can make stone walls on any surface.

Interior or exterior applications. Designs can be stamped ,stenciled, hand carved or sprayed.

New formula prevents cracking or fading.


    Epoxy Marble Flooring CLICK HERE



  •  Our exclusive overlay  formulas are less likely to crack. They allow for minimal surface movement reducing the possibility of cracking where other rigid coatings fail.

Value Our systems are priced reasonably so our customers will be able to afford projects both large and small. Elegance and durability are our highest priority in our products.

Feet friendly. Unlike regular concrete, tile, stone and brick surfaces, Our coatings provide a smooth surface without being slippery.

Incredible bonding to adverse surfaces. Unlike traditional systems are easily applied to adverse surfaces e.g.; wood , styrofoam, painted, glazed, sealed, linoleum, etc.

If you are interested in vertical stamping, and decorative overlays, please take the time to see for your self what FLEX-OVERLAYS has to offer


Also Available: Tub, Tile, Cabinet, Sink
& Countertop Acrylic Spray Refinishing

Any color or MultiSpec!




"One Call Does it all"

No job too small!

*Open late 7 Days a week. Call now for your free estimate.

 Durability. FLEX-OVERLAYS systems have a proven track record of durability and success. They have been rigorously tested by chemists and have been applied in construction projects. Whether in freezing temperatures or sweltering heat, our overlay systems have stood the test of time. The finished products continue to look beautiful after years of exposure to natures elements
Satisfied customers. FLEX-OVERLAYS uses products & concrete coatings that have been installed in many mega-stores, apartment complexes, condominiums, houses, schools and other enterprises. Large customers like Wal-Mart stores, are delighted. Small customers like residential home owners, are thrilled

Little preparation work. No extensive pre-cleaning, no acid etching or bond coat needed! No messy demolition or dust in your home. No smell or chemical odor left behind.


"Proudly Serving Hernando and Pasco Counties"

        Flex -Overlay's Lic# 68129, Lic# 00566423


Liquid Stainless Steel Application

Get rid of that old brass look and update it with Stainless Steel.

Shower doors-Faucets-Tables and more be refaced with liquid Stainless Steel and other Coatings that we offer.



  • Made with 100% Stainless Steel.
  • Brush strokes create a real brushed stainless steel finish.
  • No smell
  • Will not fingerprint.
  • Durable automotive grade finish.
  • Your magnets will stick


Before After
   Only $149.00 !!

All appliances small and large can be coated.

Before After

Flex Overlays is located in Weeki Wachee FL 34607




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